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Kanami Yuta
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yeah. I'm at LJ. :O

Nothin' much to say because I'm lazy to do this. Mostly all I have to say is my Journal icons have SPOILERS. :D

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{ Gundam SEED Destiny }
[+] Shinn Asuka
[+] Athrun Zala
[+] Auel Neider
[+] Lacus Clyne
[+] Yzak Jule
[+] Stellar Loussier
[+] Arthur Trine
[+] Cagalli Yula Attha
[+] Lunamaria Hawke
[+] Kira Yamato
[+] Rey Za Burrel
[+] Miriallia Haww
[+] Heine Westenfluß
[+] Neo Lorrnoke
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Roxas is mysterious sex love.

RikuxSora is manly keyblade action Love

Kira Yamato is Love

The Mooninites are sexy mother f***ers

Manga!Sora is kawaii love.

Naminé is teh misunderstood love.

Made by hikari116.

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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Axel x Roxas is 'let me be your downfall' love

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